Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Witchery of the Weird - Hewitt

The Witchery of the Weird
by Arthur Wentworth Hewitt (1883-1971)

O hist ye, hist! And have ye seen
The owl in the branches bare?
“Tu-whit! Tu-whoo! ‘Tis Halloween!”
He hoots to the haunted air.

In silhouette against the moon,
On the pasture hill remote,
The dismal cow uplifts a croon
Out of her hollow throat.

Devils are dancing on the green
Now black with lifeless leaves,
And sail the hags of Halloween
Over the cottage eaves.

Their broomsticks on the windy waves
Shiver and dip, till soon
The ghosts come creeping out of their graves,
Under the gibbous moon.

The man in the moon is grinning back
At the witchery of the night,
And the gibbering jack-o-lanterns crack
A smile at the silly sight.

(From Bubbles, 1920)

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