Sunday, September 9, 2018

Song of Pumpkin Blossom Hill - Hewitt

Song of Pumpkin Blossom Hill
Arthur Wentworth Hewitt (1883-1971)

Sing a song of pumpkin blossoms,
Yellow how they shine!
Sprawling greener than a bean or
Ivy crawls the vine.

Polly picked a pumpkin blossom,
Put it on her hat.
Billy grumbled while she fumbled,
“Naughty girl was that!”

“I should have a pumpkin blossom
Nodding on my top,
Silly bumpkin, since a pumpkin
Head you carry—” “Stop!”

Chasing through the pumpkin blossoms
Tripped a tangled toe,
Two a sprawling in the crawling
Vines together go.

Rolling in the pumpkin blossoms,
Soon he picked her up,
Tousled, tumbled, but unhumbled—
Gurgling laughter cup!

“Pay for picking pumpkin blossoms;
Take your talking back!”
Polly wouldn’t, so (he shouldn’t)
But he stole a smack!

From Bubbles, 1920

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