Monday, September 3, 2018

Jack-O-Lantern - Sangster

by Margaret Elizabeth Sangster (1838-1912)
pen name Aunt Marjorie

Grinning mouth and eyes of red,
Glowing in an awful head;
Oh! I’m ‘fraid to go to bed
With you near.
‘Course I know you’re not alive,
(But you see I’m only five),
And no matter how I strive
With my fear;
I can almost hear you say
In a scary kind o’ way
‘Little boy, you stop your play,
Come right here!’

If I came all knocky-kneed,
Shakin’ like a little weed,
Just to satisfy your greed
With my head,
Would you hurt me, ogre-man?
(Yes, of course I know you can,
But it is a horrid plan.) . . .
Mother said
That you mustn’t scare me so
For I watched you grow and grow
In the garden down below,
In a bed!”

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