Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Hallowe'en Rant 2001

Just for the record: I have not written a rant for Halloween 2001

Like the rest of the nation and perhaps the world my thoughts are focused elsewhere and filled with the tragic images and events of

September 11, 2001

May we respectfully remember those lost to us...
May we show our support to
the families and friends
and especially the children
who have lost so much...
May we gain strength and inspiration
from their bravery and courage and sacrifice...
May we stand tall and strong and determined
to face the challenges which lay before us...
in the American Way...
with truth and fairness as our guide.
May we nurture her strengths
and strengthen her weaknesses so that
she will always be a
Land of the Free
Home of the Brave.
-- John Wayne --
May we all strive to be the best Americans ...

Peace and Joy Be With You
This Halloween Season 2001
Blessed Be!

© 2001 all rights reserved

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