Thursday, October 18, 2018

De Ole Moon Knows - Vanderveer

De Ole Moon Knows

circa 1921
Lettie C Vanderveer (1881-1947)

Mighty queer doin's eround' to-night;
Yo' caint be shuah dat yo' haid's on right.
How did de bucket git outen de well?
De ole moon knows, but he won' tell.
Who paint de hen-house red, white an' blue,
An' nail up de do' so yo' can't git froo?
Who put de rain barrel onto de stoop,
An' shet de ole cat in de chicken-coop?
Who tied a great big sign "For Sail"
Onto de end of de red cow's tail?
Who pulled de rope on de ole church bell?
De ole moon knows, but he won' tell.
How did de front gate happen to be
Settin' up high in de apple tree?
Who put a big green cabbage haid
Right in de middle de flowah bed?
How come dat scare-crow settin' there
On de front po'ch in de rockin' chair?
De ole moon laugh, an' he blink he eye,
Chucklin' away up in de sky.
Mebbe it's spooks, -- yes, mebbe so; --
They's up to such doin's, spooks is, yo' know.
Sompins bewitched things; who cast de spell?
De ole moon knows, but he won' tell.

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