Saturday, September 30, 2017

Witch Way - McGee

Witch Way

By Shelagh McGee

Have you ever seen a witch?
Never? What a pity!
Her dress and hat are black as pitch
And so is her pet kitty.
Have you ever seen a witch in the sky?
No? Oh dearie me!
On her broomstick she does fly
She's very hard to see.
Have you every heard one speak?
No? You've not heard any?
They sound like doors whose hinges squeak --
Me, I've heard too many.
Have you ever cast a spell?
My dear, what do you do?
When you're not feeling very well
Or when your nose is blue?

Now you must join our little band
And stretch your education
We meet at night on marshy land
Behind the railroad station.

We all fly in to chant and screech
And cast our special spell
All our secrets we will teach
If you promise not to tell...

© Shelagh McGee

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